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What is B.Com (Honours) degree?

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) is a 3-year undergraduate course, which is also known as B.Com Honours. Several Indian institutions around the country offer the triennial programme to interested candidates. Students with a higher secondary examination certificate are eligible to apply for the undergraduate course. It is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees in India because of the diverse potential of the programme. Other than B.Com Honours, candidates also have the choice to go for B.Com or B.Com (Vocational).

B.Com (Honours) degree is ideal for candidates fascinated by the lucrative field of Finance & Commerce. The undergraduate course of study combines theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience. Moreover, candidates need to carry out a project work during the last year, or 3rd year, of the undergraduate programme.

Knowledge of the fundamentals of business, insurance, investments and market is provided, in addition to the latest scenarios of Commerce & Finance during B.Com Honours degree. Throughout the 3-year term of the undergraduate programme, candidates have to go through a number of relevant subjects and acquire important skills.

Post successful completion of B.Com (Honours) degree, graduates can choose between working in some fascinating field and pursuing higher studies. There are a number of higher study options, as well as several career profiles, available for students so that they can pick the one that best fits their interest and convenience.

Skills Required for B.Com (Honours) degree

Candidates with a flair for managing resources and dealing with investments are ideal to undertake B.Com (Honours) course. Having a proficiency in communication is great for pursuing the undergraduate course. Moreover, candidates need to be good in calculations and dealing with complex analytical problems. Following list enumerates various essential skills required by B.Com Honours course:

  • Adept in decomposing bigger complex problems into smaller easily manageable sub-problems
  • Carrying out accurate calculations
  • Effective resource and time management
  • Good communication ability
  • Know-how of the latest developments in Commerce & Finance
  • Leadership ability

Job Prospects afters B.Com Honours

Candidates with a B.Com degree are apt to provide their services across a variety of sectors, including both private and governmental career avenues. B.Com Honours candidates can successfully assume different working roles in accounting, administration, hospitality, marketing, production planning, retailing, and whatnot. Following list briefs up some of the most opportune job roles available for Commerce graduates:

Assistant Accountant

As an assistant accountant, the candidate needs to work with a team of management accountants. The primary role of the group is to check all financial settings of the organisation and work for the betterment of organisational finances. A great mathematical prowess is essential for the job designation.

Candidates with B.Com degree are ideal to provide their services as assistant accountants. Various organisations, ranging from hospitals to banks, require the services of assistant accountants. These professionals are proficient in budgeting, managing ledgers, raising invoices, processing expenses, and preparing IT returns.

Corporate Analyst

Candidates with B.Com Honours degree can also choose to work as a corporate analyst. Evaluation of expenses, profits and sales of the organisation is the job responsibility of corporate analysts. These professionals provide sound advice to executives for improving the efficiency and production of an organisation from a financial perspective.

Corporate analysts need to undergo strenuous analysis and research work to draw out benefitting insights for their employers. While some corporate analysts choose to work full-time for a specific employer, others might provide their services via consulting firms on a part-time basis. Corporate analysts receive decent payments for their arduous services.

Investments Analyst

Basically, investments analysts are responsible for evaluating investment potential of the employer and providing insight into economic trends. Investments analysts process the company’s accounts, financial statements and sector data to provide important insights into investments. These professionals are adept at examining and interpreting data from a wide number of sources.

Investment analysts play an important role in the decision-making of an organisation. These experts need to stay up-to-date with latest market developments and recent products entering the market. Financial modelling and projection, writing research reports, providing insightful reports to fund managers are some of the job responsibilities of an investment analyst. Candidates with a degree in B.Com are appropriate for following the worthwhile career of an investment analyst.

Marketing Manager

Another lucrative job option for candidates with B.Com Honours degree is that of a marketing manager. Marketing managers need to develop, execute and implement strategic marketing plans for the employer organisation to attract new patrons and retain existing clientele. Some of the daily tasks of a marketing manager include leading market research, checking the viability of products and services and managing and coordinating the marketing staff.

Marketing managers are also responsible for developing effective pricing strategies for various products and services catered by the organisation. Organisations, ranging from private to governmental, rely on the services of marketing managers for increased profitability.

Other Job Options after B.Com Hons

Candidates with a degree in B.Com Honours can provide their services as accountants, business analysts, executive assistants, financial analysts, finance managers, investment bankers, market analysts, money managers, operations managers, personal finance consultants, risk analysts, securities analysts, and senior accountants.

Admission Procedure & Exams

What is B.Com (Honours) degree?

A successfully completed higher secondary examination certificate in Commerce stream is mandatory for applying for the undergraduate course. Candidates that have completed their Class 12th in the non-medical stream are also eligible to apply for the undergraduate course of study. Following list describes the full eligibility to apply for a degree in B.Com Honours:

  • An HSC, or Class 12th, examination certificate, completed in Commerce or non-medical stream from a recognised stated education board or central education board with at least 55% marks in aggregate or an equivalent CGPA.
  • Appeared and cleared the cut-off score in a distinct entrance examination. (Required by some select premier institutions)

Though most of the colleges and universities offering a B.Com programme don’t impose age restrictions, some institutions might limit the course for a certain age group.


B.Com Honours Specializations

B.Com Honours programme is ideal for students looking to pursue a career in the lucrative field of Commerce & Finance. The undergraduate course is designed to provide interested candidates all the requisite knowledge of Business, Commerce, Finance, Insurance, Investments, and risks involved in business, which is essential to succeed in the field of Commerce & Finance.

Graduates holding B.Com degree are adept in dealing with complex financial problems. They are able to manage a limited set of resources and follow time-stringent constraints. Those looking to pursue higher studies after B.Com can go for M.Com, MBA, MCA, and other advanced study programs.

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