Air Hostess Courses

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Air Hostess Courses

If the sky is your limit and flying is your dream, then air hostess courses can give you the required wings. These courses prepare young and vibrant girls for the aviation and hospitality management sector. It prepares aspiring air hostesses to deliver hospitality services to the passengers in flight.

Read on to learn more about air hostess courses available in India.

Job Prospects:

After pursuing certificate and diploma air hostess courses, candidates can be absorbed by various government and private domestic and international airlines to perform the following job

  • Customer Care
  • Night Rating
  • Aviation Manager
  • Air Hostess
  • Flight Purser
  • Aviation/Travel Manager
  • Ground Services Executive


Skill Sets Required:


You need to either have the following attributes before enrolling into or be ready to acquire the same while pursuing certificate and diploma air hostess courses:

  • Friendly and Pleasing Personality
  • Good Appearance
  • Sense of Responsibility
  • Presence of mind and initiatives
  • Patience to work long hours
  • Systematic approach towards duty
  • Good physique
  • Communication and interactive skills
  • Language proficiency
  • Pleasant voice
  • Team spirit
  • Positive attitude
  • Sense of humour
  • Quick Thinking
  • Stamina
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Initiator
  • Calm
  • Strong Sense of Balance
  • Punctuality
  • Problem-solving Ability
  • Computer Skills

Admission Procedure & Exams

Air Hostess Courses

Eligibility Criteria

For getting admission to certificate air hostess courses, candidates must have passed the 10+2 examinations or any other equivalent exam from a recognised board with basic knowledge of English language.

Further, for enrolling into postgraduate diploma air hostess courses, candidates must be graduates/ postgraduates in any discipline. They should also possess basic computer knowledge.

Moreover, the interested candidates should have the following:

Age Limit: A candidate must fall in the age bracket of 17 to 24 years.

Height: 152-155 cm for females with balanced weight

Eye Sight: Normal eyesight of 6/6 uncorrected in both eyes

Colour Complexion: Fair to clear complexion.

Marital Status: Unmarried (Not all airlines lay down this condition)

Language: Hindi, English and any other foreign language

Other Conditions: Medically fit, and having an Indian passport.


Below mentioned are some of the reputed institutes in India that offer air hostess courses at the certificate level:

Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics: The college was established in 1992 and is run by the Rajendra Educations Trust. Approved by DGCA, it was set up to cater to the needs of the students wishing to make a career in the aviation and aircraft industry. The institute admits both boys and girls to its programs.


Air Hostess Pilot Academy: The Academy's motto is to train and develop young minds to be achievers in their professional life. Moreover, for this, they focus on high-quality professional education. Their strengths are their perfectly structured programs, which are efficient, effective and flexible, and instructors, which are well screened from airlines/government organizations and possess real life experience in respective fields. The Academy's air hostess courses are known for maintaining standardized training and keeping it updated.


Asiatic International Aviation Academy: The institute is affiliated to Aviation Atlanta, which is a group of pilots, airlines professionals and aviation organizations working in collaboration with many aviation leaders worldwide for the smooth growth of aviation activities in Asia. The major aim of the academy is to promote all kind of airlines and aviation related activities through its air hostess courses.


International Institute of Flying Staff: This institute focuses on imparting education and training for preparing aviation-service industry professionals and other required flying staff. Its air hostess courses mould its students as per service industry's requirements for air hostesses, flight pursers and the whole lot of skilled people who can fulfil the growing demands of the booming aviation industry.


Other renowned institutes offering certificate level air hostess courses are:


Jet Airways Training Academy

Kairali Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

Saga Institute of Management Studies

Travel Academy


Below mentioned are some of the reputed institutes in India that offer air hostess courses at the diploma level:


Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training: Frankfinn is one of the premier vocational training institutes in India. Since its inception in 1993, it has been consistently growing as an air hostess-training Institute. With a unique curriculum, pedagogy and innovative programs, it has chartered a unique and high growth path not only in aviation but also in the hospitality, travel management and customer service industries.


Air Hostess Academy: This Academy holds an enviable position in the market as it caters to the manpower requirements of world-class organizations such as Jet Airways, Jet Lite, Kingfisher Airlines, Air Deccan, Spice Jet, Paramount Airways, Indian Airlines, Malaysian Airlines and Royal Dutch Airlines.


Amity Polytechnic for Women: The Amity Polytechnic for Women (APW) has been established recently with a view to empower the women of our country and assist them in gaining employment or become entrepreneurs. Moreover, their air hostess courses train its students as per the updated requirements of the industry to facilitate their prompt placement.


Kingfisher Training Academy: This Academy has been instituted to cater to the growing demand for trained service oriented professionals. Its vision is to bridge the gap that exists between what an educational institution teaches and what an organisation requires. 


Other renowned institutes offering diploma level air hostess courses are:


Universal Aviation Academy

Annai Indira Air Hostess Training Academy

Appliq Airways Academy

Falcon Group of Institutions

Flying Cats

Haryana Technical Institute

Hope Institute of Hospitality Management

IIFLY Aviation Training Centre

IIMT College of Paramedical Education

International College for New Age Studies

Marks Aviation and Marine Academy

N.S. Institute of Hotel Management and Airlines

Nest Aviation Academy

NIMS Institute of Aviation

Paradise Airlines Training Private Limited

Paramount Airways Training Academy

PTC Aviation Academy

Remo International College of Aviation

Sristys Aviation


Admission Process


Many institutions offering certificate and diploma air hostess courses enrol aspiring air hostesses through the direct admission process on merit basis. Also, candidates are not required to appear for any entrance exam.

Further, there are institutions that require candidates to clear the initial screening process, including a written test and personal interview round. The written test is majorly based on intelligence quotient, general knowledge and general English.


Delivery Type, Duration and Fee Structure




Delivery Type


Fee Structure

Certificate Course in Aviation Management (Airport Ground Staff and Cabin Crew)

Essence Learning, Bangalore


3 months

INR 55,000

Certification in In-Flight

Jet Airways Training, Academy, Gurgaon


3 months

INR 85,000

Certificate in Air Hostess Training

Aero Engineers Vidyapeeth Private Limited, Delhi


6 months

INR 60,000

Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew and Hospitality

Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar


1 year

INR 89,000

Diploma in Air Hostess & Cabin Crew/Flight Purser

NIMS University (NIMS), Jaipur


1 year

INR 75,000

Air Hostess Training

Classic Air hostess Training Academy, Mumbai


1 year

INR 65,000



Air Hostess Courses: Specialization

Below mentioned are the areas of specialisation provided by various Indian institutes offering certificate and diploma air hostess 

Hospitality Travel and Customer Service: This area of specialization prepares aspiring air hostesses for offering exceptional customer care services during flights, as the airline business is highly competitive. They are trained to pass out pillows and reading materials before take-off. Also, their training includes serving drinks, snacks and meals, and collecting trays, trash and glasses before

Cabin Crew Management: Working in a cabin crew for a major airline is an exciting and challenging experience. In addition to jetting off to exotic destinations, the job also requires a high degree of responsibility and specialization to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers in line with industry regulations. This area of specialisation under air hostess courses introduces the skills and responsibilities expected by the world’s leading airlines. Special emphasis is given to customer care services and procedures for handling unusual situations during 

Airport Management: This area of specialization prepares candidates for the daily airport operations, ranging from enforcing Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) rules and regulations to negotiating airport contracts and leases. Also, it prepares them for supervising personnel, devising and implementing operating procedures, monitoring airport expenditures, and coordinating construction or renovation projects with municipal 

Tourism Management:  This area of specialization under air hostess courses prepares candidates for approaching people as they arrive at the airport to offer guided tour packages or tickets to local shows and attractions. They are taught to quickly develop rapport with a wide range of personalities to market and sell services. Also, they are taught to maintain accurate records of transactions and keep the inventory of promotional materials 

Aviation Management: It provides interested candidates with the necessary education to oversee the departments of airlines and airports, and manage it well. They are trained to oversee compliance with local, state and federal rules and regulations, ensuring that an airport or its departments run efficiently and 

Flight Purser: This area of specialization under air hostess courses prepares interested candidates to oversee flight attendants by making sure airline passengers are safe and comfortable. They are trained to complete detailed reports and verify all safety procedures are followed. Also, they trained to act in case of emergency, such as evacuating the aircraft. Further, they are taught how to provide feedback and suggestions to staff members in order to improve performance and 

Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management: It prepares candidates to perform well in the roles of airport management, ground services and customer care personnel. This area of specialization under air hostess courses trains candidates not only in industry-required skills but also provides all-round personality development through guided grooming 

International Airlines and Travel Management: This area of specialisation under air hostess courses involves familiarizing interested candidates with international passenger services, travel agencies, and airline offices. Further, learning a foreign language also comes under this.

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