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Updated On - May 22, 2017

NSHM Knowledge Campus is all about experiential learning and building an ever-expanding knowledge base involving knowledge partners and communities. NSHM is where information and ideas flow freely in an open and friendly atmosphere – a “Knowledge Hub of Global Excellence” in which students learn, share, shine and have fun.

Our vision is to set up a knowledge hub where careers follow students and not the other way round.

NSHM leverages the best that enables academic institutions to deliver new and more engaging models of knowledge management across campuses thereby creating a new, vibrant and futuristic learning environment.

The results include increased student engagement, improved faculty productivity, innovations powering new models of learning, enhanced online learning, expanding alumni outreach and great career opportunities. NSHM has exceptional faculties and continuously invests in their growth and development as well.

NSHM Knowledge Campus is on a fast track. In ten years, NSHM Knowledge has become one of the best educational destinations in India that have successfully created industry-ready professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs. NSHM stands out in providing a wide variety of undergraduate and post-graduate career courses.

NSHM Knowledge Campus has the following institutions under its umbrella:

NSHM School of Hotel Management, NSHM Business School, NSHM Institute of Media and Design, NSHM College of Pharmaceutical Technology, NSHM College of Management and Technology,NSHM Faculty of Engineering and Technology All NSHM courses are futuristic in nature and in sync with the needs of the global industry and delivered by top faculties using world-class infrastructure that combines practical hands-on training, classroom teaching and e-learning tools and extra-curricular activities.

NSHM has created an interactive and stimulating learning environment by encouraging student activities, events, workshops, seminars, fests, festivities, competitions, gym, student common rooms, indoor game facilities, student cafeteria, library, reading room facilities, thereby making education a 360-degree experience for students.
We believe that “an ounce of experience is worth a ton of theory”. At NSHM we constantly strive for innovation, where excellence manifests itself in the perfect blend of imagination and process, idea and execution. Our expertise is deep and we are driving innovation in the field of higher education. Our courses perfectly blend in with the needs of the industry and beyond. We welcome students to our world of experiential learning.


Bachelor in Hotel Management & Catering Technology

4.0 Years

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

3.0 Years

BBA (Hospital Management)

3.0 Years


NSHM Durgapur campus comprises of the NSHM School of Hotel Management, NSHM College of Management and Technology, NSHM Business School and the NSHM Faculty of Engineering & Technology. We are proud to have completed a decade in imparting quality education that has helped bring relevant changes in professional education and responded to the needs of the modern industries. With state-of-the art infrastructure including soft skill labs to train students for facing global business challenges, we have reinvented ourselves whenever necessary. Today, NSHM Knowledge Campus Durgapur has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members, committed to the vision of the institution- to bring out the best in our students.


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