Careers in Hospitality and Hotel Management after 12th


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Updated On - Aug 16, 2022

As one of the largest service industries in India, the hospitality and hotel management sector of India is booming today. It is also the key growth driver and a significant source of foreign exchange earnings. Invest your career in this segment, and you will have secured a flourishing future for yourself. It is a very wide industry, which includes which includes Government tourism departments, Immigration and customs services, travel agencies, airlines, tour operators, hotels etc. and many other associated service industries such as airline catering or laundry services, Guides, Interpreters, Tourism promotion and sales etc. As such, there has been a surge in search of hospitality and hotel management courses and colleges in the recent past. 

India is projected to be number one for growth globally in the wellness hospitality sector in the next five years, clocking over 20 per cent gains annually through 2022, according to an independent study. The advancement of this sector is sure to bring about a lot of development in the employment sector. Besides the careers mentioned above, there are a number of careers just a search away. The projected progress of the hotel management and hospitality sector is already opening doors for newer employment opportunities in India. 

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Here’s a foretaste into some of the top favourite hotel management & hospitality careers in India: 

1. Hotel Management

On completion of this course, a student is eligible to work under a number of profiles like Administrative Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Hospitality Law, Hospitality Marketing and Sales, Accommodation and Leisure Management etc.


2. Chefs

If your idea of satisfaction is plating a new exquisite dish and to see others relishing your new creation, then a chef is what you deserve to be. It takes a great skill set to master the art of professional cooking and become proficient in all aspects of food preparation. There are a number of courses available today for our chefs in the making:


  • Three Years Bachelor’s Degree in Catering Technology & Culinary Arts
  • Certification Course in Food Production
  • Hotel Management Courses

3. Bartender

Bottle flipping and juggling glasses are the highlights of this newly trending career. "Bartending, till recently was looked down as a career choice. But with the pub and cocktail culture picking up, bartenders are in demand and it is picking up as a career among the youth," says Sandeep Verma, who runs a training institute for bartenders, in an interview with a reputed news agency website. Students can now opt from a number of courses that have been made available to them.


  • Diploma in Bar Management and Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering
  • Diploma in Bar Management
  • Diploma in Bar Management
  • Certification Course in Wines & Spirits (Inclusive of Barflairing & Bar Tricks)
  • Certification Course in Bar flair
  • Diploma in Bar Management & Culinary Arts

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